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Service desk is a marketing and sales agency that helps businesses go-to market, increase sales and/or hack growth.


Growth Experts


for Start-Ups

At Service Desk we help businesses sell by designing effective go to market strategies and executing them.

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of the organizations we have worked with experience an increase in profits within 2 years of signing up

0 in 5

startups that we have interacted with prefer our approach over other firms or business conversations they have had in previous times

We are strong at Strategic Thinking and Execution.

It is one thing to have the ability to design sales strategies, it’s another thing to execute and it’s magic to be great at both!

We curate strategies that suit your products/service. Your target customer, location and business goals.

Our Values

We build trust by being honest and transparent
in our relationships with colleagues and partners.

We admire those who are able to think of new
ways to empower and improve lives.

We are a team of leaders who come from different backgrounds and bring in different ideas.


Our Model

We are a target driven organisation. For us it’s about results and nothing else.

Initial Meeting

An initial meeting that serves the purpose of getting acquainted and doing some getting to know in verbal terms.


This session entails some kind of vision casting and expression of business needs to ensure understanding.

A Strategy Mind Map

A strategy mind map will be designed and agreed upon by both parties.

Term Sheet

A terms sheet will be developed showing scope of project, timelines, resources to be deployed, fees, execution models etc.


Upon review this will be signed off to be executed upon.


We act to meet set targets and appraise monthly with a clear reporting format

N.B Minimum timeline for projects we undertake is 12 months (1 business year)

Some organizations that we have served

The experience and the energy we bring to execution is what endears us to the brands and organisations we work with.

What Our Work Often Entails

  • Market Research
  • Strategic Planning
  • Conceptualisation
  • Marketing/Sales Project Management
  • Business Intelligence
  • Brand concept Development
  • Content Creation
  • 360 degrees media
  • Marketing/Sales Campaigns
  • Distribution
  • Channel Management
  • Sales force recruitment
  • Training
  • Sales force management

Let's help you start selling immediately and effortlessly

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